Friday, 1 August 2014

Enjoy real time chat with like minded people

The idea is to get as many like minded people together to exchange ideas and generally help each other, its a public open chatroom to exchange ideas and educate and learn from one another as to the massive fraud thats taking place and possible solutions. ( the chatroom is moderated by ourselves)
The whole procedure should take less than a few minutes

First step is to download paltalk which is free from here..

Install it and make up a screen name for yourself (not your real name unless you want to, as the room is public), once you have signed in you will need to find the room, there are several ways and once you get used to paltalk you will find the room in seconds.
you only need do this once...

 the chatroom we are using is... "Lawful rebellion the time for action"

When paltalk starts up you will have two windows, one called "paltalk live", you can close that one (top right x)
Now you should have just one window open called "paltalk scene beta"
Click on "view all" that will give you a list of all open rooms, in the search "chatrooms box"
 just type "Lawful rebellion the time for action" and click search.. click on room to enter

if it asks you to allow your cam, click I will turn it on manually, ie its off unless you want to switch it on and you are in...

Chatroom is usually open from 9am til around 11.30pm UK time every day  

Good luck hope to see you all in the room..Bertie_bert